Privacy Policy (or what I'm doing with your stuff)

Right then, unless you’re a lawyer looking to kill my vibe, you don’t really want to be here. But you are. And because you are, the least I can do is keep it light.  

Cookies, I use them. I eat them.

A cookie is, first and foremost, an outstanding snack. It goes well with a cuppa or glass of milk and is substantial enough to see you through to meal times. I’m a classic milk chocolate chip cookie man. Have a think of your favourite type of cookie and let me know.

More boringly, a cookie is also a simple text file that your browser uses to record certain settings relevant to the websites you visit.

I use the text file version of cookies with Google Analytics so that I can see how many people are looking at this website and work out which pages are most popular. Unfortunately, not too many people stop by and no one page is all that popular.

Because you’re here now, your visit will show up in Google Analytics telling me that you looked at this page. That’s all it will tell me, though.

Cookies aren’t anything personal. You know you visited but all Google Analytics tells me is that someone visited. I don’t collect any personally identifiable data so I’ll never know it's you unless you tell me.

Email newsletter. I have one.

I have a newsletter. You can sign up if you like, but know that they're few and far between and come with no promise of entertainment.

When I do get round to it, I send email newsletters using MailChimp. These guys are alright. They have a double opt-in system that checks you’re definitely, 100% sure you’re making the right choice.

It’s dead easy: you sign up via the newsletter form, MailChimp sends you a confirmation email from me with a link to click if you still want to opt-in. Only click this link if you're happy with an infrequent email that adds little to your day.

When I send you an email it comes with an "unsubscribe" link at the bottom. Click that and you'll automatically be removed from the mailing list. Not a single grudge will be held if you unsubscribe, although I can't promise you'll still be on my Christmas card list.

Personal information. Sometimes I need to collect it.

There are times when I might need to take some details from you. These times are when you’re:

  • signing up for the newsletter

  • filling out a contact form

I don’t need much — just enough for me to get hold of you. So your name and email address.

I’ll only ever use this information to contact you. There’ll be none of this selling, trading or sharing business. No one else is seeing this information. And on that, dear reader, you have my word.

Data processing. People look after your stuff for me.

I use MailChimp to store data. It’s registered on Privacy Shield so your stuff is in safe hands.

If we’re emailing each other, I use Zoho Mail. That’s on the Privacy Shield Framework too.

My website is kept on lock down too, thanks to Squarespace's insistence on using HTTPS/SSL security as standard. 

Anything more you need to know?

If you’ve got questions about this privacy policy, send me an email: I’ll do my darnedest to answer them.