Things you can pay me for

What do you offer?

Content services for businesses looking to build awareness, increase website traffic, get more customers and earn more money.

Great! But I meant individually, what services do you offer?

Ah, of course! There are but five, one of which is free. Take a look...



Copywriting is for you if you want…

  • More sales

  • More newsletter signups

  • More leads

  • More donations

  • More eyes on your business

What I do:

Help sell your stuff with words. No need to make it more complex than it is. You want customers, I’ll provide the copy that gets you them.


Blogging is for you if you want…

  • More readers

  • More Web traffic

  • More trust

  • More influence

  • More brand interaction

What I do:

Research, suggest ideas and write blog posts for your audience. These posts are written to be entertaining and informative so that they’ll be shared across social media and find their way to the business end of the search rankings. They’ll also include images, links and screenshots where required, to help give readers something actionable to get stuck into.

Article Writing

 Articles are for you if you want…

  • More Web traffic

  • More authority

  • More opt-ins

  • More eyeballs on your product or service

What I do:

Write engrossing content that fits with your company voice. The idea of an article is typically to provide in-depth insight on a particular subject. That's what I’ll do, including necessary data and statistics to teach and inform, leaving the reader with more knowledge than they arrived with. Knowledge is power and all that. 

Subheadings, bullet lists and search engine optimisation (SEO) come as standard.

Social & Content Strategy

Social & content strategy is for you if you want…

  • More eyes on your content

  • More social fans and followers

  • More time away from social media

  • More Web traffic

  • More authority

What I do:

Look at your current social media and content strategies and suggest where improvements can be made. If you have no strategy to speak of, I’ll help you create one, building your business from the bottom up to give you more of that good stuff.

How many times a day should you post to Facebook and when?

Should you bother with Twitter?

What should you blog about to get traffic?

I’ll answer all such questions.


Got a question about something that doesn’t really warrant paying for any of the above services? Ask away. General advice is free, gratis, my friend. Just fill out the form below.


If you'd like to start taking advantage of some of those bullet-pointed benefits, give me a shout. Fill out the form or contact us in any of these ways.  

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